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Meet Our Teaching Staff

Get to Know Our Team of  Passionate and Professional Educators

Director of Operations: Hannah Fisher & Meagan Davis
Teachers: Hannah Fisher, Meagan Davis, Aurora Salas, Lacie LaRosae
Special Education Directors: Karleen Dienhart 

Hannah Fisher 

Co-director and Classroom Teacher

Hannah adores working with her preschool students. She brings her joy and vibrant energy into every day and is passionate about building a classroom community centered on kindness and collaboration. She enjoys working alongside her students by meeting them where they are and helping them meet their goals.

Meagan Davis

Co-director and Classroom Teacher 

Meagan is a passionate educator who uses a hands-on approach to meet her students’ needs. She has high expectations for her students and strives to ensure ALL students have access to an affordable and appropriate education. You can count on her as a caring and compassionate educator for your little one!


Karleen Dienhart

Special Education Director

It has always been a passion of Karleens to teach young children with a variety of abilities. She feels lucky to have had the opportunity to do so for many years. She strives to focuses on all things positive and to make each student smile at least once a day and to help them show pride in themselves for their effort and accomplishments. Karleen wants her students to feel safe and loved and to enjoy learning. She loves working with families and believes it really does take a village to raise a child!
When Karleen arrives home from the school day she is greeted by her dog, Louie, who is eagerly waiting for her at the door. She then eagerly awaits her nightly facetime call with her first grandchild who is lots of fun.
During Karleen's spare time she loves watching scary movies in the dark while munching on popcorn.

Meet Our Supporting Staff

Our Outstanding Team of Paraprofessionals